Let us create your scent of impression with “Erb”  the Oriental-Thai fragrance which delicately blended under the idea of believing in power of nature. Erb reinterprets traditional indulgences, bringing a touch of bliss to the modern life. The products are inspired by the art of blending deluxe fragrances by using natural ingredients to reflect a scent of the naturalness. Fully expressing the mood of relaxation, as the aroma of Erb comforts your mind and energize the body with the richness of natural ingredients.

 Erb’s fragrance delivers a great mood-elevating scent which relieves stress and anxiety, as it creates a sense of well-being, eliminates idleness and keeps awakening. The use of color and product design conveys your identity in modern society, along with the artistic drawing line that imitate leisuring feeling you get from nature. A basic natural scent help you discover the “scent of impression” in a unique way by using the power of nature. 

ERB –  Golden Atmosphere

Erb, the Oriental-Thai fragrance, is originated from the art of blending deluxe fragrances by using natural ingredients. Erb’s fragrances portray the story of how people relate to places and memories as the rich natural ingredients bring out the nostalgic moment in life. The fragrance of  “Golden Atmosphere”, Erb intentionally creates a warm-hearted scent to deliver the vibrant picture of a perfectly calming relaxation as you are walking along the beach where the sparkling seas reflect a golden shade of sky and scent of salty sea breeze