Greatest Of All Time

GOAT restaurant is located within RELO hotel. The restaurant is designed under the concept of  “Simply, Enrichment  and Lively”. A cozy restaurant is decorated with classic interior, dominant with calm and warm toned colors, and enhance a distinctive luxury perception with a red wine colored entranceway. Our newly refurbished and extended restaurant has been carefully designed with a contemporary style to enable space yet intimacy.


Besides the menu that the restaurant has prepared, we also have a signature dish from the special selected ingredient, a “GOAT”. Our chef are carefully cook and charr in order to keep delicious taste, preserver the softness and juiciness of the meat texture. This signature manu is served with a side order and the great fine wine that completely enhance the flavor, ensuring that your evening is fulfilled with happiness and impressions. Satisfy your meat craving with this GOAT menu, the representation of Greatest-of-All-Time restaurant.